More than a symbol on packaging or certification program, the Designed for Discard (D4D) program is a science and data-based approach connecting brand owners, consumers, waste handlers and the industry.

What is D4D?

While the primary mechanics of the D4D program are D4D Compliant product labels and D4D labeled discard bins, this is just the surface of the program. The overall scope of D4D encompasses nearly everyone and all organizations to collaboratively advance sustainability.

Many organizations, including those who provide services in the community, want to implement sustainable practices not only within their own facilities but throughout the community. These organizations who exemplify the role of environmental and innovative leaders can be afforded the designation of a D4D Partner.

D4D Partners advance research, education and implementation of D4D practices internally and externally. D4D Partners include a diverse array of organizations; manufacturers, service providers, retailers, corporations, not-for profit organizations, industry groups and much more.

D4D Partners are forward thinking organizations who care about their impact and the value they bring to their community. They leverage their influence, and through commitments to sustainable materials management, become a force for good throughout the world.

The overall success of D4D is made possible through the efforts of D4D Partners; and at EREF we would like to extend a personal note of gratitude to all our D4D Partners.

Am I eligible to participate as a D4D Partner?

D4D Partners come from every corner of the community, they represent manufacturers and brands that produce products which will inevitably be discarded, the distributors and retailers that sell products to the end user, and waste companies that will ultimately handle the discarded products.

D4D Partners can also be organizations that provide services or other non-disposable products, who care about the environment and want to use their influence to build a better planet. There is almost no limit to what type of organization can become a D4D Partner, but they all share a common commitment to building more sustainable communities and advancing the D4D initiatives. And, each D4D Partner has a unique role to play and opportunity to benefit from D4D involvement.

As a D4D Partner, organizations demonstrate their value within the community and leverage their influence to build sustainable materials management within the community and across regions. They do this by incorporating D4D practices within their operations, supporting ongoing research and education and through sponsorship of D4D Communities. While some D4D Partners have D4D Compliant products, others become D4D Partners as part of an overall sustainability and corporate responsibility platform.

Becoming a D4D Partner solidifies your commitment to the environment, the community and your customers. It sets you apart from those who take advantage of consumers by solely capitalizing on trends and disingenuous marketing tactics. D4D Partners lean on science, data and measurable results to support programs that benefit society.

D4D partnership offers a variety of benefits, including the following:

Cost savings. D4D Partners receive discounted licensing fees on all D4D Compliant products.

Corporate social responsibility. Position your company as one of the premier organizations focused on sustainable waste management in the US. by validating that your product is designed for maximum value and proper disposal after use.

Avant-garde. Be among the sustainability forward-thinkers as a founding participant in the program.

Recognition. Have your organization featured as a supporter of science-based, collaborative sustainability solutions.

Collaboration. Join environmental leaders, government agencies and industry in supporting sustainable management of waste materials.

Visibility and brand awareness. Build your brand recognition and an image of corporate responsibility by supporting a local D4D Community.

What does being a D4D Partner entail?

Organizations interested in becoming D4D Partners rise above status quo and make commitments to further sustainability within their organizations and throughout their community. D4D Partners work with EREF to advance the D4D program in various ways depending on their specific organization.

D4D Partners commit to:

  • Public recognition and support of D4D programs
  • Utilize D4D Compliant products in their processes and facilities
  • Implement D4D discard bins within their facility
  • Purchase D4D Compliant products when available
  • Provide incentives and retail shelf space for D4D Compliant products (for retailers)
  • Sponsor a local D4D Community, (if the organization size and economics permit)
  • Annually provide financial support for EREF research and education in sustainable materials and waste management and D4D programs

Financial support from D4D Partners is used by EREF to expand awareness, consumer education on proper discard methods, student scholarships, labeling of discard bins with appropriate D4D labels, and continued research on sustainable waste practices.

Organizations interested in becoming a D4D Partner should reach out directly to EREF to discuss opportunities available and requirements specific to their organizations.

Those who are awarded the designation of D4D Partner proudly display the D4D logo as a visual representation of their commitments. This builds on their organizational goals of Zero Waste, reduced environmental impacts, increased visibility and a solid reputation within their respective industry.

What is the D4D difference?

Designed for Discard is a holistic waste management program developed by the Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF), a 501(c)3 non-advocacy charity. EREF’s mission is to advance research and education for sustainable waste management practices.

D4D is based on scientific, peer-reviewed research and technical evaluation to create data-driven sustainable discard management for products. D4D evaluation incorporates material characteristics, current waste management infrastructure, operational processes and social behavior. As a result, EREF considers environmental benefits of not just one, but all of today’s end-of-life options (e.g. composting, recycling, conversion to energy) while advancing the circular economy of tomorrow.

Designed for Discard provides a unique method for socially minded organizations to support a community program designed to reduce waste, drive collaboration and improve the state of our world. A program that is implemented without commercial interests or bias, but one which simply drives to create a more environmentally and economically sustainable society through science and data driven solutions.

D4D is not just another logo on a product, and it does much more than instruct on the method of discard. It is a symbol for trust, dedication and backed by solid science. This is the first program that brings together all parts of the value chain (manufacturing, retail, consumer and waste management). It is the dedication of entire industries working together to redesign how resources are used and discarded, rising above the trend and focusing beyond the end.

Do D4D Partners determine what evaluation criteria the program uses?

One of the primary values of D4D is the true third-party unbiased status. For this reason, the evaluation criteria are based solely on science and data and not on commercial interests. However, D4D Partners may contribute to ongoing research to advance the science supporting the evaluation criteria.

Can non-profit organizations become D4D Partners?

Yes. At EREF we believe in collaboration and feel there is value in bringing together all corners of the community.

Can industry organizations become D4D Partners?

Yes. At EREF we believe in collaboration and feel there is value in bringing together all corners of the community.

Does a company need authorization from EREF to be a D4D Partner?

Yes, there are certain requirements to become a D4D Partner and EREF will need to provide approval before an organization can claim the honor of D4D Partner.

How long does my D4D Partner status last?

The D4D Partner designation remains valid provided the annual requirements are met.

Can I have a D4D Compliant product and also be a D4D Supplier or Partner?

YES! D4D is a program intended to include and recognize involvement from all sectors of the supply chain. It would be very common for a company who has D4D Compliant products to also be a D4D Partner.

Are monies I pay tax deductible?

This would be a good question for your accountant. EREF is a 501(C-3) charity and monies paid go to supporting the D4D program, educational outreach, community support and furthering research and implementation of sustainable waste practices.