Electrical Leak Location (ELL) Training Sessions

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Finding leaks in a geomembrane liner can be expensive and time-consuming. But Electrical Leak Location, or ELL, is considered to be a highly accurate method to detect leaks. This relatively new technique runs an electrical current through the geomembrane liner using electrodes in the soil or water covering of the liner. Because the geomembrane liners do not conduct electricity when an electrical current is sent through the liner, the area(s) with a leak will indicate a higher current.

The Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF), in collaboration with the Ohio Chapter of the National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) and strategic partner – the Ohio EPA – have developed three ELL training sessions that will provide you with a strong foundation of knowledge and information to prepare attendees for the planning and implementation of ELL during Ohio landfill liner construction. Each session is led by an ELL specialist and the topics have been chosen to give a complete view of the technology and the recently promulgated Ohio regulations.

These training sessions are a great opportunity to brush up on electrical leak location leading up to the 1/2-day Electrical Leak Location (ELL) Workshop in Columbus, OH on August 31, 2021!

Training Session 1: Introduction to Electrical Leak Location Methods and Regulatory Update



  • Annette De Havilland, Lead Engineer for the Division of Materials and Waste Management, Ohio EPA
  • Matthew Kemnitz, President, Leak Location Services, Inc.

During this training session, Annette De Havilland and Matthew Kemnitz will provide introductory ELL content and regulatory background. This includes an overview of how electrical leak location fits in with the recent rule updates to the municipal solid waste and residual/industrial solid waste programs and a broad look at all of the available leak location survey methods, including their advantages and limitations.

Training Session 2: Electrical Leak Location Bare Geomembrane Methods



  • Andrew A. Colby, Department Manager, Senior Engineering Associate, Bunnell-Lammons Engineering
  • Matthew Kemnitz, President, Leak Location Services, Inc.

During this training session, speakers Andrew Colby and Matthew Kemnitz will discuss a number of ELL methods for detecting leaks focusing on bare geomembranes. Colby will discuss the method, condition and performance, research, data and trends of the Arc Testing Method (ASTM D7953) and the Spark Testing Method (ASTM D7240).  Kemnitz will specifically discuss the Water Puddle Method (ASTM D7002) and the Water Lance Method (ASTM D7703) for detecting leaks on exposed geomembranes using water. Each method will be discussed individually to showcase its abilities and benefits, as well as what is needed for a successful survey.

Training Session 3: Electrical Leak Location Methods for Covered Geomembranes


Speaker: Abigail Gilson, M.S., P.E., Senior Engineer and Director of Liner Integrity Services for TRI Environmental, Inc.

During this training session, speaker Abigail Gilson will discuss ELL methods to detect leaks in installed geomembranes covered with liquid and/or earthen materials. Additionally, she will cover proper site preparation, factors in method sensitivity and how the various ASTM standard guides and practices can be used to maximize method effectiveness and create appropriate project specifications.

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