Aluminum Waste Disposal Field Issues


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This course discusses the team approach utilized to resolve environmental, operational and regulatory issues involving complex subsurface aluminum dross reactions at a landfill. An overview of these issues is presented along with a firsthand account of the approach taken to resolve them by principal actors who were involved in the process.

Upon completion of this course, the attendee will be able to:

  • Describe the elements of personal photoionization detection (PID) monitoring
  • Demonstrate the requirements for personnel protection while drilling
  • Understand odor identification and characterization
  • Define early remedial alternative evaluations
  • Apply response strategies

Course Length

65 minutes

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Presenter Biography

JENNA R. JAMBECK, Ph.D., EIT is an Assistant Professor in Environmental Engineering at the University of Georgia. She received her PhD from the University of Florida in 2004, was an ORISE post-doc at the US EPA ORD in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina and was a Research Assistant Professor at the University of New Hampshire before moving to Georgia. She has conducted research on solid waste related issues over ten years, including marine debris, construction and demolition debris, wallboard, chromated copper arsenate (CCA)- treated wood, abrasive blasting media, mining waste, bioreactor landfills, hydrogen sulfide generation and treatment in landfill gas and leachate treatment with microbial fuel cells. She also has direct experience conducting life cycle assessments (LCA) for analyzing solid waste management options. She is currently leading a new NOAA partnership called the Southeast Atlantic Marine Debris Initiative with Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina which includes using culturally relevant technology with an exciting new mobile smartphone app (Marine Debris Tracker) that serves as a worldwide tool for marine debris data collection. Dr. Jambeck conducts research and teaches environmental engineering with a focus on solid waste. Her work often interweaves social context and sciences with technical aspects. She has conducted numerous research projects including those related to contaminant fate and transport during waste beneficial use, chemical fate and biological processes within disposal systems, sustainable and innovative waste management practices, marine debris and plastic pollution. As we continue to evolve from waste management to materials management, a new paradigm is being created and the Jambeck Research Group strives to be at the forefront of this transformation.

PAUL J. RUESCH currently works as an On-Scene Coordinator at Superfund time-critical removal sites and emergency responses in the Great Lakes Region. He has worked since 1991 as an environmental engineer in the RCRA solid waste program in which his principal responsibilities included implementation of Subtitle D, addressing challenged waste management sites, disaster debris planning & management, design & implementation of recycling programs as well as community-based environmental projects. He obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Notre Dame in 1991 and established the ‘Recyclin’ Irish,’ a volunteer-based recycling program for all residential, administrative and classroom buildings.. Mr. Ruesch also served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mexico from 2004-2007 on a cooperative project with the National Council of Science & Technology and Petroleros Mexicanos (PEMEX) on remediation projects within the state-run oil refinery system and currently assists U.S. AID in continuing efforts to enhance the solid waste management system in Central America countries and Caribbean islands.

KURT MATTHEW PRINCIC has been with Ohio EPA Northeast District Office since 1991. He received his Bachelor Degree in Environmental Engineering Technology from the University of Dayton and a Master Degree in Public Administration from Cleveland State University. Kurt has over 19 years of experience in the solid waste program and has served as an Environmental Specialist II and as an Environmental Supervisor and Manager in the Division of Solid and Infectious Waste (along with 7 years as manager of the Division of Hazardous Waste Management). Kurt was recently promoted to District Chief of the Ohio EPA Northeast District Office

JOSHUA D. ADAMS, R.S. – Mr. Adams is currently an Environmental Specialist II (E.S. II) for Ohio EPA Division of Materials and Waste Management (DMWM), Northeast District Office (NEDO). Mr. Adams has been an Environmental Specialist II/Inspector with Ohio EPA, Division of Solid and Infectious Waste Management (DSIWM) Northeast District Office (NEDO) since March 2006. He was assigned as the lead inspector/field lead for Countywide Recycling and Disposal Facility (CWRDF) since early 2006 and is directly involved in each step of the process, including: co-writing and reviewing numerous Director’s Final Findings and Orders (DFF&Os), Memos of Understanding (MOUs), consent agreements, and complaints; overseeing remediation work including capping, well drilling, installation of monitoring instrumentation, excavation of waste, and sampling; writing/reviewing/revising operations, maintenance and monitoring (OM&M) plan; reviewing weekly/monthly/quarterly/etc. activity and progress reports; conducting frequent field inspections; overseeing mass waste excavation projects (Isolation Break in 2008-2009 and South Slope Excavation 2011). With respect to Exit C&D he developed and reviewed action plan to maintain and monitor site; installed numerous piezometers and temperature/gas quality monitoring points surrounding a “hot” area; coordinates activity between contractor, state and county agencies; and coordinates sampling events to gain information on future leachate disposal options. Mr. Adams’ A&L Salvage experience consists of participating in agency site visits and installing numerous temperature/gas quality monitoring points throughout site. He is a member of Ohio EPA’s Landfill Fire Resource Group whose charter is to “develop expertise for identifying, monitoring, and responding to subsurface fires at all types of landfills (MSW, RSW, ISW, and C&DD).”

MICHAEL L. DARNELL received a B.S. in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources form Oklahoma State University. He is the Division Manager Republic Services’ Countywide Remediation Unit located in East Sparta, Ohio. Mr. Darnell’s primary responsibilities include construction management, data collection and evaluation, technical decisions, reporting, and all aspects of compliance with the Operations, Monitoring and Maintenance Plan for the 88-acre Remediation Unit as required by Federal, State, and local agencies. He is experienced in the areas of landfill gas and leachate system management, as well as the unique challenges that aluminum dross reactions present to solid waste facilities. Mr. Darnell has been intricately involved with daily site operations, construction, and regulatory management of the reaction area and has represented Republic Services remediation effort to Stark County Health Department, Ohio EPA and Federal EPA. He was able to reduce the scope of cited monitoring requirements initiated in the State Findings and Orders and instate an Operations and Maintenance Monitoring Plan that constituted a significant reduction and cost savings in enforced monitoring requirements that continues to be the regulatory standard for the cells affected by the dross reaction. Mr. Darnell specializes in proactively identifying dross reaction movement and has significant experience in the development of safe construction practices associated with dross reactions.

PETER AUGUSTIN – Mr. Augustin serves as Vice President of LFG Construction. Mr. Augustin has over 22 years of experience in the solid waste and environmental industry. Prior to his entry into the solid waste industry, he was involved in heavy civil, specialty foundation, and underground utility construction. Mr. Augustin has been responsible for the development and management of several large scale design-build solid waste construction projects, including landfill closures, groundwater remediation, slurry trench containment systems and Greenfield landfill site development. He holds a BS degree in Civil Engineering from the University of South Florida.

MICHAEL R. BEAUDOIN, MSCE, P.E. is a Principal with Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. in the Detroit, Michigan area. He has a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on geotechnical engineering from Purdue University. He has over 30 years of experience in the solid waste management and recycling field including: siting, planning, design, compliance management, construction inspection, construction management, closure, remediation, financial analysis, due-diligence, presentation at public hearings, and expert testimony. He has developed a national reputation for negotiating difficult projects through the regulatory approval process. P.E. license number 620140479 (Michigan).


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