Energy from Organic Wastes


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Extracting renewable energy from organic wastes has gained much attention in North America. Driven by their desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, some states have passed regulations that promote creation of renewable energy through anaerobic digestion. This presentation will focus on the anaerobic digestion process from collection through post-processing and present simulated case studies that walk through the process of selecting different AD and biogas technologies and systems.

Upon completion of this course attendees will understand some of the key considerations in:

  • Determining objectives in managing Organic Wastes;
  • Understanding which aspects of existing collection systems define the best choice of an Anaerobic Digester technology;
  • Understanding the different types of commercially available of AD systems;
  • Understanding the variabilities in digester reduction of volatile solids and creation of biogas; and
  • Understanding the economic drivers that will define the success of a project.

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Presenter Bios

Jim Miller | CEO | J.R. Miller & Associates |Email:

Jim Miller is a recognized industry leader in the design of high solids anaerobic digestion facilities in the U.S. His qualifications include Project Principal on more than 100 solid waste projects beginning in 1985 and working tours of 14 facilities in Europe. Jim was the Engineer of Record for the following high-solids Anaerobic Digestion facilities: 1) Monterey Regional Waste Management District, Marina, CA, 4,000 TPY; 2) Zero Waste Energy Development Company, San Jose, CA, 80,000 TPY; 3) Blue Line Biogenic AD and RNG Facility, South San Francisco, CA, 9,000 TPY; and 4) CR&R, Perris, CA, Phase 1 and 2, 160,000 TPY. Mr. Miller has also led the planning and preliminary design efforts for more than 20 other AD facilities. In addition, Mr. Miller has given presentations on the topic of anaerobic digestion systems and processes to many SWANA events, the Environmental Research and Education Foundation Conference in San Jose, CA (June 2015), UCLA extension courses in Solid Waste Management and many private audiences.

Rus Miller |VP Technology | D. Edwards Inc. (DEI) | Email:

Rus has been a leader in the renewable energy market for over 25 years. As a project developer and operator of multiple commercial facilities, Rus has improved productivity and economic viability while developing and restoring the confidence of regulators, investors, bankers, and customers. Rus has a wide range of experience in energy technology development and deployment from understanding the underlying science and engineering to managing the construction and operation of profitable facilities. These have included anaerobic digestion of waste water and carbohydrate feedstocks. He has supervised the design, construction and operation of projects hydrolyzing solids to biogas and renewable fuel (300,000 tons per year), converting cellulose to ethanol, and converting corn to ethanol (100,000,000 gallons per year). He has developed processes to utilize problematic carbohydrates in making valuable chemicals. Rus has operated several types of power plants including nuclear powered submarines, biomass fueled electric power plants (250,000 tons per year) and solar thermal electric power plants (354 mW). He has acquired land use, air quality, and water resource usage permits for solid fuel, solar power, and industrial facilities. He has advised on restructuring landfill gas cleanup projects, quality control for manufacturing plants, and development of biomass producing plantations.