Landfill 101 – Part 1: Regulations, Permitting and Siting


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This course provides basic introductory information related to landfills and serves as a prerequisite or foundation for more advanced courses. Landfill 101 – Part 1 addresses the regulations which drive the landfill development process and permitting. Landfill 101 – Part 1 also addresses landfill siting, which is the first major technical step in determining what is required to locate a landfill in a given location and the factors that affect the decision-making process.

Upon completion of this course, the attendee will be able to:

  • Describe landfill regulations and how they are developed
  • Define how regulations are applied to the landfill development process
  • Discuss the permit process and the components of permitting
  • Describe the role permitting plays in landfill developments with respect to regulations and design
  • Define how landfills are sited and determine what makes one location more suitable than another

Course Length

92 minutes

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