Leachate 101


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This course will provide an introduction of landfill leachate from its inception through disposal, with a focus of awareness over practical skill and understanding. Regulatory definitions, history, general leachate characteristics, variations with age, and compositional ranges will also be discussed.

Upon completion of this course, the attendee will be able to:

  • Discuss the characteristics and composition of landfill leachate
  • Define the various sources of leachate generation and its impacts on climate
  • Discuss the landfill design requirements, management options and storage systems in relation to current regulations
  • Describe leachate treatment and disposal options
  • Define the short term and long term care options to maintain the protective nature of the landfill.

Course Length

41 minutes

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Presenter Biography

STACEY A. SMITH, M.C.E., P.E. is the President of Smith+Gardner, Inc. and has provided services for public and private clients including solid waste facility siting, design, permitting, and construction. Mr. Smith has both managed, designed and managed construction for solid waste facility elements such as containment systems, leachate management and recirculation, site infrastructure, final cover systems, landfill gas collection and control, groundwater recovery, compost systems, and special waste applications. Mr. Smith has been integral to our staff for his ability to design and permit these elements as well as providing “hands-on” field assistance during implementation to insure success of the project. Major projects to Mr. Smith’s credit include the Sampson County MSW and C&D facilities in North Carolina, Atlantic Waste Disposal MSW Landfill in VA, and the Highway 321 Landfill Superfund project in Columbia, SC. Mr. Smith’s most recent projects include a collaboration between UNC – Chapel Hill and the Orange County Landfill to develop a landfill gas to energy (LFGTE) project and to provide carbon credits in the effort to provide more green assets in the UNC system. Mr. Smith is actively assisting both public and private clients across the southeast in efforts to successfully develop LFGTE projects to satisfy both regulatory or voluntary goals. At the Avery County landfill, Mr. Smith worked closely with the County and the NCDENR to design and permit a proposed landfill expansion within a non-functioning stream which gained an additional 25 years of capacity for approximately one (1) acre of construction development. P.E. license number 23002 (North Carolina).


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