Leachate 201


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This course focuses on key regulatory drivers, disposal alternatives and technologies. Emerging issues will also be discussed, including POTW disinfection interference, refractory compounds and currently unregulated contaminants. The course will provide information useful to landfill managers and engineers in developing strategies to minimize leachate costs.

Upon completion of this course, the attendee will be able to:

  • Discuss how regulations may impact leachate management requirements and costs
  • Select appropriate technologies that can be applied for leachate management
  • Define factors affecting leachate management strategies

Course Length

94 minutes

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Presenter Biography

KEVIN TORRENS, BCEEM is Vice President at Brown and Caldwell and has over 30 years of experience in industrial wastewater, leachate treatment, Operations & Management, and hazardous waste site remediation groundwater treatment projects. Kevin has had significant experience treating complex wastewaters such as those from landfill leachate, pharmaceuticals and chemicals industries. Kevin is the National Practice Leader for leachate management at Brown and Caldwell and has presented on the topic of leachate management at numerous conferences. His background with treating complex industrial wastewaters is particularly applicable to managing landfill leachate given its high strength and complexity. He is actively engaged in cutting edge research and emerging treatment processes that have the promise of reducing leachate management costs and addressing emerging issues such as impacts of leachate on POTW operations. He is actively engaged with the Hinckley Center for Solid and Hazardous Waste as a Technical Advisor and is exploring alternative leachate management approaches. He holds a Masters Degree from Vanderbilt University in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering.

BRIAN BRAZIL, Ph.D. has more than 12 years of experience in the evaluation and design of wastewater treatment systems, including industrial wastewater, landfill leachate and groundwater streams. For the past 5 years, Brian’s work has primarily focused on leachate treatment and included development of conceptual and preliminary level designs, coordinating detail designs of biological and physical/chemical treatment systems, as well as troubleshooting process issues. Brian holds his BS in Environmental and Marine Science from Hampton University, and his MS in Environmental Engineering, Virginia Tech, as well as his PhD in Natural Resources from Virginia Tech.


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