MRF 101 – Intro to Materials Recovery Facilities


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Provides a basic understanding of the materials received, describes the sorting/processing methodologies implemented, and illustrates the equipment utilized to recover, market, and reuse post-consumer commodities.   Participants will obtain knowledge of industry “best practices”, from collection through market reintroduction, to gain a fundamental appreciation of MRF design and operation.

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Presenter Bios

Mr. Ruckert has more than 30 years of experience in the design, permitting, and construction of solid waste handling facilities. Mr. Ruckert’s experience includes developing concept site plans and building plans, designing recycling centers, transfer stations, and maintenance facilities, permitting facilities, and construction management. He has developed and designed more than 143 transfer stations, recycling facilities, and maintenance facilities in more than 20 states and Canada. Fifty six (56) of these facility designs were constructed and eighty seven (87) involved facility planning, building sizing, site layout, vehicle circulation, and/or permitting. The projects have run the gamut from green field sites to small sized urban building lots. His expertise has also been called upon to support conceptual design services for other consultants.

Mr. Schellberg has over 20 years of experience in preparing permit applications, performing detailed designs, and overseeing the construction and operation of solid waste and material recovery facilities. Mr. Schellberg’s proven track record of successful design and construction incorporates an acute attention to detail, diverse technical background, and incorporation of technological tools that provide both clients and project teams with the efficient advantage of timely execution measured with practical problem solving. His management and direct involvement with varying solid waste, waste conversion, recycling, and air quality projects has been instrumental in the successful design, permitting, and subsequent construction of numerous facilities over his career.