State of MSW Organics Management


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A significant trend that has surfaced over the past several years is a substantial increase in the diversion of MSW organics.  Recent legislation from the recent EPA’s goal of 50% diversion of food waste to proposed legislation in the State of California to ban all organics from landfills by 2025 demonstrate the momentum behind this trend.  This course will provide a summary on current practices and trends in managing the organic fraction of municipal solid waste.

Upon completion of this course attendees will understand some of the key considerations in:

  • How accurate are estimates of organics generation;
  • Determining how much organics there are;
  • Determining how current and proposed policies are affecting organic management trends;
  • How organics are currently being managed and what tonnages are processed;
  • Determining what kinds of technologies are being used (e.g. composting, anaerobic digestion); and
  • Determining the capability to manage diverted organics via non-landfill strategies.

Presenter Bios

Dr. Bryan Staley
President and CEO
The Environmental Research and Education Foundation

Dr. Bryan Staley currently serves as President and CEO of the Environmental Research and Education Foundation (EREF), one of the largest sources of research funding and scholarships related to solid waste management. He joined the EREF in 2008, where he started as vice-president of environmental programs, and has 22 years experience in the environmental engineering field. He is recognized nationally as technical expert in sustainable solid waste management issues and holds degrees from N.C. State University (PhD, B.S.) and the University of Tennessee (M.S.).