MSW Performance-Based Evaluation of Post-Closure


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This course provides a detailed discussion on the development of the Evaluation of Post-Closure Care (EPCC) methodology, used to demonstrate how and when operation, care, and/or monitoring within each module can be optimized or terminated.

Upon completion of this course, the attendee will be able to:

  • Determine the potential alternatives for defining PCC duration
  • Define sustainable landfill management practices
  • Discuss the factors that affect the functional stability of a landfill
  • Determine the critical data requirements needed for the implementation of the EPCC methodology
  • Recognize indicators of functional stability
  • Apply a five-step evaluation process for determining PCC including the requirements for EPCC

Course Length

74 minutes

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Presenter Biography

JEREMY W.F. MORRIS, Ph.D., P.E. is a Senior Engineer at Geosyntec Consultants. He has over 16 years of professional and academic experience in the field of solid waste management, with particular expertise in issues relating to waste disposal by landfill. His Ph.D. research work involved investigating methods for enhancing waste degradation and landfill gas generation at water deficit landfills in South Africa, and field measurement and modeling of fugitive greenhouse gas emissions through landfill covers. Since joining Geosyntec in 2001, he has provided technical design and project management services during permitting and construction of new landfills and lateral or vertical landfill expansions at numerous sites around the country and internationally. His technical specialties include landfill closure and post-closure care, waste characterization, and leachate characterization and treatment. He also has experience with landfill gas management and utilization, feasibility analyses for landfill-based renewable energy technologies, and sustainable approaches to landfill development and long-term management and remediation of closed sites. From 2002 – 2006, Jeremy led Geosyntec’s work on development of the EPCC Methodology for EREF. Since 2007, he has conducted ongoing assignments for EREF and EREF’s industry members to critically assess and improve the methodology for application in the U.S. and Europe. P.E. License numbers 0402 040240 (Virginia) and 41859 (Maryland).


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