Previous Scholars

Shahzeen Attari

Global Climate Change and Human Behavior: Decreasing Energy Consumption


Nicole Berge

Full-Scale Management of Nitrogen at a Bioreactor Landfill


Kyle Bibby

Using Molecular Techniques to Determine the Fate of Pathogens (e.g. viruses) in Landfill Leachates and Source Material


Stephanie Bolyard

Pump and Treat Aerobic Flushing Bioreactor Landfill


Mohan B. Dangi

Assessing Municipal Solid Waste Streams to Illustrate Waste Composition and Generation Patterns Solid Waste Management in Kathmandu, Nepal


Monica N. Danon-Schaffer

Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Landfills from Electronic Waste


Tristanne Davis

Evolving Role of Business in Solid Waste Management


Susan DeLong

Development of a Targeted Method for Sequencing Biodegradation Genes


Xunchang Fei

Paradigm for Solid Waste Containment to Active Treatment and Energy Recovery


Kurt F. Flor

Using Business to Spur Waste-to-Energy Technologies in Developing Countries


Carrie Harns

Mechanistic Assessment of the Mobility of Titanium Dioxide and Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles through Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Clay Liners


Troy Hottle

Optimizing Disposal Options for Plastic Biopolymers


Nicholas Hotzelt

Landfill Leachate Valorization for Commodity Methane Generation


Arlene Janousek

Comparing Waste Management Impacts on Conventional vs. Organic Food Supply Chains


Richa Karanjekar

An Improved Model for Estimating Methane Generation Rates from Landfills Based on Waste Composition, Rainfall and Ambient Temperature


Ella Kim

Renewable Natural Gas from Anaerobic Digestion Processes


Junbeum Kim

Sustainable System Design for Collection and Recycling of E-waste in the United States


Laura Knudsen

Electronic Waste Issues and Solutions


Stephanos Koullias

Path-Dependent Nature of Waste Management and Environmental Justice Impacts


Tim Kramer

How Improved Waste Management Practices Can Tie into Carbon Markets and Create Emission Reductions


James W. Levis

The Effects of Climate Change Legislation on Solid Waste Management Operations


Laura Mast

Chelant-Enhanced Selective Leaching and Capture of Rare Metals from Coal Ash


Kat McCarthy

A Strategy for Organics Diversion


Theodore McMahan

Evaluating Torrefaction as a Process to Convert Organic Waste to Energy


Mira Stone Olson

Bacterial Chemotaxis in Porous Media


Alexander Orlov

Environmental Aspects of Heterogeneous Photocatalysis: Studies with Practical Catalysts and Model Systems


Jie Pan

Integrating E-Waste Recycling Workshops for Resource Recovery


Joo Young Park

Waste as Resources: Utilization of Coal Combustion By-products in the United States


Dianjun Ren

Effect of AG Nanoparticles on Microbe Populations Found in Landfill and Ag-NP Transport through Liners


Justin Roessler

Exploring Opportunties For The Beneficial Use of Waste to Energy Ash


Michael Sander

Irreversibility of Organic Compound Sorption to Natural Organic Matter


Grace Schwartz

A New Hazard Assessment Protocol for Coal Combustion Products


Bryan Staley

Changes in Microbial Community Structure in Solid Waste Decomposition


Paige Wilson

Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Wastes: The Impact of Operating Conditions on Hydrolysis Efficiency and Microbial Community Composition


Ming Xu

Quantifying Solid Waste Generated by Economic Activities


Ramin Yazdani

Factors Limiting Aerobic Degradation During Aerobic Bioreactor Landfilling