EREF Staff

ps bryan

President and Chief Executive Officer
Bryan F. Staley, Ph.D., P.E.
919.861.6876 ext. 102
bstaley (at)

ps kristy

Vice President, Development
Kristy Pickurel
919.861.6876 ext. 103
kpickurel (at)

ps Stephanie H 2

Administrative Director
Stephanie Hollomon
919.861.6876 ext. 104
shollomon (at)

ps Jennifer2

Executive Assistant to the CEO/Events Manager
Jennifer Gloc
919.861.6876 ext. 105
jgloc (at)

ps Stephanie B

Research and Scholarship Program Manager
Stephanie Bolyard
919.861.6876 ext. 108
sbolyard (at)

ps debra

Data & Policy Program Manager
Debra Kantner
919.861.6876 ext. 107
dkantner (at)

ps catherine

Communications Manager
Catherine Ardoin
919.861.6876 ext. 109
cardoin (at)

ps britney

Communications Intern
Britney Callahan


Research Intern
Heather Troutman

ps brianna

Research Intern
Brianna Holland
2016 County Waste Intern of the Year

ps James

Research Intern
James Wallace

ps Caroline

Research Intern
Caroline LaFave

ps John

Research Intern
John Mullan
2017 Rehrig Pacific Intern of the Year

ps Jessica

Research Intern
Jessica Citrola

ps Evan 2

Research Intern
Evan Houser