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EREF’s Data Analysis was developed as part of the Foundation’s effort to expand its mission to advance knowledge and education for sustainable materials management. The program exists for a sole purpose: to aggregate data and policy information, providing valuable unbiased analyses to benefit the public good and the communities within. Data Analysis projects also serve as a resource for materials data for researchers and decision-makers within other areas such as sustainability and environmental policy. EREF’s program staff has substantial experience in aggregating hard to obtain data or data from multiple/disparate sources and using that data to serve our research priorities.

Data Analysis projects are scoped to:

  • Aggregate useful data
  • Summarize and analyze policies
  • Evaluate resource management trends

Explore our library of unbiased, nonpartisan, scientific and evidence-based resources. Filter by report type, topic, or enter a keyword into the search bar to find exactly what you need.

Please direct any questions regarding EREF’s Data Analysis to IRP@erefdn.org.