One of EREF’s goals is to serve as a solid waste research virtual library for the benefit of the public and solid waste field.  As a result, you will also find solid waste research cited in this section that has been sponsored by both the EREF and other entities.  This library will be continually updated.

In many cases, EREF reports are in PDF form and can be directly downloaded from our website.  For research that has been published in peer-reviewed journals, in other forms, or is sponsored by other entities, citations are provided with links to the appropriate locations to find these respective documents.

Please note that the Bibliography is still in production and more publications will be added soon. 

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Sorption Irreversibility of 1,4 Dichlorobenzene in two Natural Organic Matter-Rich Geosorbents

Author(s): Sander, M.; Pignatello, J.J.
Institution: Yale University
Source: Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 28, 447-457.
Published: December 2009
Keywords: Irreversible sorption, Hydrophobic organic contaminants, Humic substances, Glassy polymer, sorption, hysteresis, desorption

Assessing environmental impacts embodied in manufacturing and labor input for the China-U.S. trade

Author(s): Xu, M.; Williams, E.; Allenby, B.
Institution: Georgia Institute of Technology
Source: Environmental Science & Technology
Published: December 2009
Keywords: international trade, air pollution, labor input, manufacturing, environmental overhead of labor input, EOLI, China-US trade, chinese trade, environmental impact of manufacturing, worker consumption

Composition of Municipal Solid Waste in the U.S. and Implications for Carbon Sequestration and Methane Yield

Author(s): Staley, B.F; Barlaz, M.A.
Institution: North Carolina State University
Source: Journal of Environmental Engineering, Volume 135, Issue 10
Published: October 2009
Keywords: municipal solid waste, MSW, construction and demolition, C&D, carbon sequestration, methane yield

An Assessment of the Recycling Potential of Materials Based on Environmental and Economic Factors; Case Study in South Korea

Author(s): Kim, Junbeum; Hwang, Yongwoo; Park, Kwangho
Institution: Arizona State University
Source: Journal of Cleaner Production
Published: May 2009
Keywords: Recycling potential; Life cycle assessment; LCA; Analytical hierarchy process; AHP; Environmental and economic assessment; Waste home appliance; recycling; refurbishment

Searching for a Way to Sustainability: Technical and Policy Analyses for Solid Waste Issues in Kathmandu

Author(s): Dangi, M.B.; Cohen, R.R.H; Urynowicz, M.A.; Poudyal, K.N.
Institution: Johns Hopkins University
Source: Waste Management & Research. Vol. 27, 295-301.
Published: May 2009
Keywords:  Kathmandu, developing countries, third-world, solid waste

Energy and Air Emissions Embodied in China-U.S. Trade: Eastbound Assessment Using Adjusted Bilateral Trade Data

Author(s): Xu, M.; Allenby, B.; Chen, W.
Institution: Arizona State University
Source: Environmental Science & Technology
Published: April 2009
Keywords: municipal solid waste, MSW, solid waste management, developing countries, sustainable waste management, Kathmandu, wmr 1282-1, solid waste collection, street sweeping, public dumping

A Dynamic Agent-Based Analysis for the Environmental Impacts of Conventional and Novel Book Retailing

Author(s): Xu, M.; Allenby, B.; Kim, J.; Kahhat, R.
Institution: Arizona State University
Source: Environmental Science & Technology
Published: March 2009
Keywords: e-commerce, conventional book retailing, novel book retailing, book waste

Preferences for Change: Do Individuals Prefer Voluntary Actions, Soft Regulations, or Hard Regulations to Decrease Fossil Fuel Consumption?

Author(s): Attari, Shahzeen Z.; Schoen, Mary; Davidson, Cliff I.; DeKay, Michael L.; Bruine de Bruin, Wandi; Dawes, Robyn; Small, Mitchell
Institution: Carnegie Mellon University
Source: Ecological Economics
Published: February 2009
Keywords: preferential analysis, voluntary actions, soft regulations, hard regulations, motivating frames, environmental issues, national security, New Ecological Paradigm

An Economic Comparison Between Aerobic and Anaerobic Bioreactor Landfills

Author(s): Berge, N.D.; Reinhart, D.R.; Batarseh, E.S.
Institution: University of Central Florida
Source: Waste Management
Published: January 2009
Keywords:  bioreactor, bioreactor landfills, economic model, project economics, retrofit bioreactor landfills, as-built bioreactor landfills, anaerobic bioreactor, anaerobic bioreactor, hybrid bioreactor, airspace recovery, gas recovery, electricity generation, leachate treatment cost

Use of Stratified Cluster Sampling for Efficient Estimation of Solid Waste Generation at Household Level

Author(s): Dangi, M.B., M.A. Urynowicz, K.G. Gerow, and R.B. Thapa
Institution: Johns Hopkins University
Source: Waste Management & Research. Vol. 26, 493-499.
Published: December 2008
Keywords:  municipal solid waste, developing countries, household sampling, wmr 1208-2, Kathmandu Metropolitan City, KMC, Kathmandu, household solid waste generation

Found 56 Results
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