What Does an EREF Scholarship Mean to Our Scholars?

EREF’s Scholarship Program awards PhD and Master’s students for excellence in their solid waste education, as well as seeks to instill a continued passion for the solid waste field. Since the program’s inception, EREF has funded 72 graduate students – equating to approximately $1.43 million! The support we have received over the years has allowed us to increase our scholarship spending and fund more students.

Rich Hilliard of Oregon State University and Serena Pozza and Riley Coulthard of Yale University discuss how their EREF Scholarships have impacted them.

To learn more about supporting our Scholarship Program, please click here for a brochure. To find out how to apply for a scholarship, including our next deadline, click here.

Meet Corey Johnson-Erday: Rehrig Pacific Company Named Intern

Rehrig Pacific Company has sponsored a named EREF internship. Corey Johnson-Erday, the recipient of this award, is an intern with EREF’s Data & Policy Program and an undergraduate student at North Carolina State University. Corey’s work with EREF includes the School Cafeteria Discards Assessment Project and the State of Leachate Management and Treatment study.

Hear from Corey on the value of his EREF internship and the impact of the Rehrig Pacific Company named internship.

Research Spotlight: Eco-Clamshell Reusable To-Go Program

Researchers at Eckerd College (Saint Petersburg, Florida) developed a reusable to-go system and container prototype called “Eco-Clamshell” via a $32,000 grant from the Environmental Research and Education Foundation (EREF). The project was led by Alison Ormsby, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, and Audrey Copeland, Grant Research and Coordinator. The program has since been adopted by more than 400 colleges/universities while the container has seen design improvements by G.E.T. Enterprises under the name Eco-Takeouts™.

Find out more about Eco-Clamshell, Eco-Takeouts™, their benefits and testimonials in its Research Spotlight.

Scholar Spotlight: Shahzeen Attari

Shahzeen Attari, recipient of the 2005 Fiessinger Scholarship, graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Ph.D. in Civil & Environmental Engineering and Engineering & Public Policy. Her research, entitled “Global Climate Change and Human Behavior: Decreasing Energy Consumption,” focused on management methods which might be implemented in order to reduce carbon emissions per capita.

Find out more about Shahzeen’s EREF research, her published works, as well as what she has been up to since graduating in her Scholar Spotlight.