Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions about EREF’s Education Program? This is the quickest place to find your answers. Read below for a list of the most common questions.

What is the difference between introductory/basic (100), intermediate (200) and advanced/specialty topics courses?
100 Level Courses: These courses provide a broad overview of a topic focusing on the fundamentals and basics at an introductory level and have been developed for those new to the solid waste industry, as a refresher for those with experience, or for anyone with minimal technical background that may be interested in how solid waste is managed.
200 Level Courses: These courses provide more specific content at an intermediate-level and are suited for those who have taken the 100 course(s) on that particular topic, or have an understanding of the fundamentals and basics of the topic.
Advanced/Specialty Topic Courses: These courses are highly specific and may also contain relatively technical content and are best suited for those who have a strong interest in learning more in-depth on a particular topic. For a more complete understanding, it is recommended that the 100 and 200 level courses be taken prior to taking advanced or specialty topics in a particular area.

Do I receive a certificate when I am finished with the course?
Yes. After successful completion of the course and a score of 70% or higher on the final exam, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF).

Are the education program courses approved by my state’s licensure board for credit?
You are responsible for exploring your state’s requirements to receive proper credit. Please contact your state’s licensure board to verify their requirements for claiming continuing education credits.

After I purchase a course, may I download the file or purchase a CD?

No. All of our content is online. Once you purchase your course online, you can access your course from any computer that has internet access.

What is considered a passing score on the final course exam?

A score of 70% or higher is needed to pass the course final exam.

How do I get my Certificate of Completion once I take and pass the test?

If you’ve passed the test, there will be a button at the bottom of the page labeled “Download Certificate.” Click on this to receive your certificate instantly.

Can I pause my course or exam and come back to it later to complete?
Yes. Courses and exams can be paused at any time for later use. When you are ready to continue, simply use the hyperlink for the course or log-in to your ClassMarker account to complete your exam.

Can I review the exams that I have taken?
Yes. You can open and review any of your exams in your exam history and view the answers you selected, and whether you got them right or wrong. However, you cannot change your answers.

How do I get help?
Please contact EREF at 919.861.6876 or education (at)