Determining Critical Data Requirements for Implementation of the EPCC Methodology Prerequisites Module – a Multi-Site Case Study

Investigators: Geosyntec Consultants

Start Date:
Sep 2007

End Date:
Mar 2011

Award Amount:

Between 2002 and 2006, Geosyntec Consultants (Geosyntec) worked with a multi-disciplinary team on an EREF-funded project to develop an “Evaluation of Post-Closure Care (EPCC) Methodology.”  The EPCC Methodology was developed to establish a technically-based evaluation approach of each of the four post-closure care (PCC) elements identified in 40 CFR 258.61(a) (i.e., the leachate collection system, LFG monitoring system, groundwater monitoring sytem, and the landfill cover system) to determine when operation and/or monitoring of these PCC elements can be optimized or terminated.  Separate procedures (i.e., modules) were developed for evaluation of each component of PCC but the implementation of these modules cannot be adequately started until the required precursor “Prerequisite Module” is completed.  The Prerequisite Module was developed to facilitate evaluation of the four PCC elements through identifying module-specific data requirements.  In this way, before the four PCC elements can be evaluated, a preliminary evaluation is conducted through the Prerequisites Module to determine whether available site data are sufficient to perform an in-depth evaluation of the four PCC elements, including whether basic technical data are available for performing the necessary evaluations.

Final Report