Development of Recognizable Recycled Paper Based Containerboard Products and Their Ability to Promote Positive Brand Recognition

Investigator: North Carolina State University

Award Amount: $165,000

There is a growing interest in sustainable packaging given the public’s increasing awareness of packaging environmental issues. At the same time, recent waste import restrictions by China are destabilizing the demand for low quality waste materials. This research proposes that paper based packaging with obvious recycled content from low quality waste can instill positive perceptions from consumers about a product or brand, making these containers more desirable. The overall goal of this research is to develop systems to effectively utilize low-grade paper wastes in innovative containers, with recognizable recycled content, in order to increase and stabilize the demand for low-grade recovered paper.
The objectives of this research includes the following:
1. Evaluate the product performance of using low-grade paper wastes in packaging materials with obvious recycled content
2. Perform an economic/LCA sustainability evaluation on the new products
3. Evaluate the desirability of having packaging with obvious recycled content from the perspective of companies that use packaging
4. Determine if packaging with obvious recycled content develops a strong positive brand or product impression with the public