EREF Releases Life Cycle Assessment of Curbside Material Recovery

Raleigh, NC (July 21, 2022) – The Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF) today released its new Life Cycle Assessment of Curbside Material Recovery.

In addition to providing an overview of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), this report provides information on the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and fossil energy use associated with curbside municipal solid waste (MSW) management systems including landfilling, recycling, and yard and food waste composting.

“When studying the environmental impacts of waste management systems, life cycle assessments (LCA) can provide valuable insight into the cycle of a product’s use, disposal, and potential re-use,” said Bryan Staley, PhD, PE, President and CEO of EREF. “The results of EREF’s LCA of Curbside Material Recovery shines a light on the importance of understanding the trade-offs of different collection and endpoint management options.  This study helps advance meaningful dialogue and informed decision-making by highlighting the nuances and sensitivities that should be considered with curbside material recovery.”

DOWNLOAD: The full report, including 13 Key Findings, can be downloaded for free here.

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Stephen Aber
Communications Manager