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Effectiveness of Landfill Liners to Control Transport of PFAS

Effectiveness of Landfill Liners to Control Transport of PFAS

Investigator: University of Virginia

Start Date:
Jan 2020Award Amount:

The efficacy of Subtitle D landfill lining systems to control the transport of polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) has been called into question through the fervor associated with the potential toxicity of PFAS and their common presence in landfill leachate. There is an urgent need to develop data describing the effectiveness of landfill liner materials to contain PFAS. Past research, gives us every reason to expect that the landfill liners used today are highly effective in containing PFAS. Without data, however, proponents can make a strong argument that landfills with PFAS in leachate pose a significant threat.

Within this context, the two primary objectives of proposed study are:

  1. Characterize the transport properties of PFAS in typical materials used for Subtitle composite liners.
  2. Conduct bench-scale composite liner experiments coupled with modeling predictions to evaluate transport of PFAS in composite liners, and draw authoritative conclusions regarding the efficacy of Subtitle D liners to contain PFAS in MSW leachate.