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The Eco-Clamshell reusable to-go model provides a cost-effective waste management solution. This system not only reduces the total amount of landfill waste generated from disposable containers, but also minimizes the entire environmental impact throughout the life cycle (production, transportation, reuse, and disposal) of the product. Annually this program is estimated to keep 32 million disposable containers out of the landfill. 

To date, 160 colleges and universities throughout North America have signed up for the program, along with a number of corporate and healthcare facilities. The use of a reusable to-go model has grown exponentially since the containers launched in April of 2008. As each new account adopts the program, more containers are diverted from landfills. 

Waste management and reduction are critical issues in the United States and beyond. The Eco-Clamshell reusable to-go program reduces solid waste using a product that is easy and attractive for consumers.