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Investigator: Colorado State University

Dates: November 2018 through June 2024

Award Amount: $235,000

Disposal of high moisture content wastes (HMWs), such as energy drilling wastes, sludges and bulked wastewaters, in municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills can adversely affect stability and gas and leachate transmission. These potential negative effects can be prevented by implementing disposal and management strategies that reflect the engineering characteristics of HMWs and MSW-HMW mixtures.

The proposed study will combine a thorough understanding of the engineering properties of HMWs and MSW-HMW mixtures with industry experience to develop recommendations for disposal and management practices. The researchers will:


  1. Engage the industry to understand the current practices of HMW management and disposal
  2. Quantify the effects of adding HMW to MSW on the hydraulic and mechanical behavior of the mixed waste
  3. Establish simple and rapid field evaluation techniques for indexing shear strength and hydraulic conductivity of HMW and HMWs mixed with MSW
  4. Develop guidance for disposal of HMW in MSW landfills to maintain landfill stability and gas and leachate transmission