Grants - FAQ

When will I be notified if my pre-proposal has been selected?

Pre-proposal reviews take up to 12 weeks from the time of submission.


When will I be notified if my proposal has been selected for funding?

Proposal reviews take up to 4 months from the time of submission.


How should my pre-proposals be named if I'm submitting two?

Place 1 in the file name in the first pre-proposal with a short project identifier and a 2 in the 2nd file name with a project identifier.


Do references need to be cited in the 2 page pre-proposal?

References do not need to be cited but "References can be provided upon request" can be noted.


If I am selected to submit a full proposal, how long will I have to prepare my submission?

Once you receive a notification that your pre-proposal has been invited for a full-proposal submission, you will be given 45 calendar days from the day you are notified. For example, if you are notified on October 9th full proposals would be due on November 23rd.