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Rickel Williams

University of Windsor, MASc in Environmental Engineering

EREF Scholar 2023

Organic waste can substantially impact the environment, the economy, and society, especially if the waste ends up in landfills. Emissions from the waste decomposing in landfills is one of the world’s major sources of greenhouse gas (GHG). In addition, it diminishes the potential benefits of the landfill. Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Systems have gathered interest as the process would aid the method of converting organic waste, including food, to energy. The waste-to-energy process produces biogas – a renewable resource – that can be used either in electricity generation or as transportation fuel. It would also create a circular economy and aid municipalities and landfills by decreasing the waste stored. Biogas will enable a reduction in the need and use of fossil fuel energy sources, thus reducing GHG emissions. Additionally, the use of an AD system would produce concentrated digestate from the waste that may be used to alleviate the need to utilise synthetic fertilizers in farming. The aim of the project is to determine the methane production potential of food and organic waste for use as biogas. The main focus of the research will be on assessing the impact of storage on various food waste streams to equalize the diversity of the waste and the system parameters. Storage of organic waste may lead to a change in the chemical and biological characteristics over time, depending on the storage conditions. Longer storage means a decrease in costs for collection and transport to the AD plants, which may enhance or limit the process.


Rickel Williams was employed as a junior engineer and a Civil Engineering company in Jamaica for approximately four years, after completing her BSc. in Civil Engineering degree at the University of the West Indies, Mona. During her employment, she also obtained a certificate for Water and Wastewater Treatment from the University of Technology. Rickel is currently pursuing a MASc. in Environmental Engineering at the University of Windsor where she is expected to graduate in 2024.