2019 Scholars

Sierra Schupp

North Carolina State University
Carl J. Apicella Scholarship

Methane production and microbial ecology of solid waste in elevated temperature landfills (ETLFs)

2018 Scholars

Rarosue Amaraibi

University of South Florida, MS
EREF Scholar 2018

Optimization of Biogas Production by Improving the Amount of Surface Area within a Digester

Cassandra Champagne

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Ph.D.
2018 Fiessinger Scholar

Autonomous Robotics Technology to Enhance Landfill Sustainability and Resiliency

Girish Kumar

University of Illinois at Chicago, Ph.D.
EREF Scholar 2018

Numerical Modeling of Temperature Effects on Geosynthetic Interfaces in Landfill Liners

Indu Venu Sabaraya

The University of Texas at Austin, Ph.D.
EREF Scholar 2018

Transport and Interactions of 2-Dimensional Nanomaterials through MSW Landfill Leachate

Chad Spreadbury

University of Florida, Ph.D.
EREF Scholar 2018

Beneficial Use of Waste to Energy Ash in Roadway Construction

Paige Taber

Clemson University, MS
Carl J. Apicella Scholarship

Hydrogen Peroxide-Based Oxidation on the Removal of UV Quenching Substances

Leandro Vigna

Yale University, MS
Robert J. Riethmiller/PTR Baler and Compactor Scholarship

Green Building Certifications and their Potential in Reducing Construction Waste in Developing Countries

Kien Vu

University of South Carolina, Ph.D.
EREF Scholar 2018

Interactions between Nanomaterials and HDPE Geomembranes Found in MSW and Leachate

2017 Scholars

Sampurna Datta

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Ph.D.
EREF Scholar 2017

Transformative Shift of Landfills from Containment Facility to Energy Harvesting

Sarah Gustitus-Graham

University of Virginia, Ph.D.
EREF Scholar 2017

Determining the Service Life of Bentonite-Polymer Geosynthetic Clay Liners Permeated with Aggressive Leachates

Richard Hilliard

Oregon State University, Ph.D.
EREF Scholar 2017

Applying the Simultaneous Anammox and Denitrification (SAD) to Landfill Leachate

Ryan Joslyn

University of Central Florida, MS
Robert P. Stearns/SCS Engineers Master’s Scholar

Field Investigation of an Elevated Temperature Florida Landfill

Daniel Moccia-Field

Yale University, MS
EREF Scholar 2017

Closing Resource Loops in Institutional Food Waste

James Souder

Yale University, MS
Ice River Springs Master’s Scholarship for Sustainability

Closing the Loop and Increasing Material Recovery in Supply Chains and Production Systems

2016 Scholars

Amirhossein Rezaei Adaryani

Amirhossein Rezaei Adaryani

University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Ph.D.
EREF Scholar 2016

Biodegradation of Contaminants of Emerging Concern by White-rot Fungi in Municipal Leachate


Syeed Iskander

Syeed Md Iskander

Virginia Tech, Ph.D.
EREF Scholar 2016

An Integrated Leachate Treatment System for Removing Contaminants and Recovering Resources


Gomathy Radhakrishna Iyer2

Gomathy Radhakrishna Iyer

University of Texas at Arlington, Ph.D.
Evergreen Surety Bond Scholarship Scholar 2016

Development of Landfill Bio Covers from Yardwaste to Oxidize Methane Escaping Landfill


Hongyue Jin

Hongyue Jin

Purdue University, Ph.D.
EREF Scholar 2016

Value Recovery of Rare Earth Permanent Magnets: Economic and Environmental Impacts and Associated Pricing Strategy

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Marija Krstic

The City College of New York, Ph.D.
EREF Scholar 2016

Recycled Glass as a Supplementary Cementitious Material in High Performance Concrete


Danni McPherron

Danni (McPherron) Schaust

Indiana University Bloomington, MS
EREF Scholar 2016

A Growing Food Waste Problem: Bridging the Gap Between Wasted Resources and Wasted Food

new scholar

Syed Muaaz-Us-Salam

Cardiff University, Ph.D.
EREF Scholar 2016

Enhanced Deligninification and Methane Generation in Waste Repositories through In-Situ Techniques – Overcoming Heterogeneity

2015 Scholars


Lori Clark

SUNY Stony Brook, Ph.D.
EREF Scholar 2015

A Novel Treatment to Hydrogen Sulfide Contaminated Landfill Gas


Judd Larson

University of Wyoming, Ph.D.
EREF Scholar 2015

Stimulating Autoinduction of Biofilm Growth to Enhance Cellulose Stabilization

2014 Scholars

Oral Saulters

Indiana University, Ph.D.
EREF Scholar 2014

Sustainable Waste Management in Tribal Communities

2013 Scholars

Megan Jaunich

North Carolina State University, Ph.D.
Lonnie C. Poole Jr./Waste Industries Scholar 2013

Developing an LCA Model for Residential/Commercial MSW Collection