Application Procedure

Scholarship Application Deadline

The 2024 EREF Scholarship application period has closed. Thank you to everyone who applied!
The 2025 application period will open on December 15, 2024, and will close on March 1, 2025.

Application Procedure

Interested parties should complete the online application and submit it along with three references by the scholarship competition deadline. Submitted applications are first reviewed by EREF staff to verify eligibility and ensure their research topic fits with EREF’s mission. Then applications are forwarded to the Foundation’s Scholarship Committee who recommend a short list of applicants for funding to the Board of Directors. Once the Board approves the scholars, applicants are notified of their award status in-mid-to-late August.

Application Details

All applications must be completed by the deadline. Reference letters must be submitted by the deadline for the application to be considered complete. Any incomplete applications as of the deadline will not be considered.

Scholarship awards will begin in September of the year awarded. As a result, students graduating in December of that same year are ineligible to apply.


Documents Required 

Please complete the online application via InfoReady. In addition to the online application, in InfoReady please upload the following documents: 

  1. College transcripts: These do  NOT  have to be official transcripts. 
  2. Autobiographical statement (500 words or less): Your statement must describe the following:  
    • how you got interested in solid waste or related topics (such as sustainability or environmental awareness);  
    • any experiences you have in solid waste or related topics;  
    • any community service or volunteer activities you have performed;  
    • your career goals;  
    • any additional talents/interests you have that make you stand out as a candidate for the EREF scholarship. 
  3. Research statement (500 words or less): Please write a discussion of your research topic that includes:  
    • project title – word count not included in 500 words; 
    • project objectives; 
    • and the work’s relevance to the advancement of solid waste management.  
    • References are not necessary, but you may include a couple if you prefer. They will not count towards your 500 words. 
  4. CV or resume 
  5. Three Recommendations: Choose three individuals that can comment on your abilities as a student and scholar. Each recommender will be required to submit a recommendation form by the application deadline. Recommendation requests will be sent through the online application once you have submitted your application, or once you have saved your application and selected to send recommendation requests. This email will include additional instructions for that individual and a personal link where they can upload their recommendation form. 

Information & Materials Required

All submissions must be in English and must be made online in InfoReady. Hard copies and e-mailed materials will NOT be accepted. You will be asked for the following information/materials:

  • Contact Information
  • Career Interests
  • College Information
  • Tuition and Living Expenses, as well as Other Sources of Funding/Income
  • GPA
  • College Academic Honors and Extracurricular Activities
  • College Transcripts (they do not need to be official) in PDF format
  • Resume (including professional working experience/publications if you have them) in PDF format
  • Autobiographic Statement (less than 500 words) that includes your career goals and any talent/interests
  • Research Statement which is a discussion of your research topic (less than 500 words) that includes project objectives and the work’s relevance to the advancement of solid waste management
  • Recommendations from 3 individuals who can comment on your academic or career performance and your potential for future success. These individuals will be required to submit a recommendation form by the application deadline. Recommendation requests will be sent through the online application once you have submitted your application, or once you have saved your application and sent out the recommendation requests. You will need an up-to-date email address for each recommender. You have the ability to send out reminders to your recommenders through InfoReady, but it is also recommended to contact them outside the InfoReady system since sometimes these emails end up in the Spam folders.

All qualified applicants will be considered for EREF Scholarships without regard to race, religion, national or ethnic origin, citizenship, or disability. Applications from students outside the United States or studying abroad will receive equal consideration. Award decisions by the Environmental Research & Education Foundation and its Directors are final and not subject to appeal.

Questions? Please send an e-mail to or call 919.861.6876, Ext. 111