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EREF’s Education Program provides quality and technically beneficial online courses, live webinars and in-person Regional Summits for members of the solid waste industry as well as individuals and organizations interested in increasing their awareness of solid waste research and development to improve and excel in their professional or academic field as well as maintain professional licensing.

Live Webinars

EREF Webinars feature topics of high or special interest to the solid waste industry. Previous webinars include Post-Closure of MSW Landfills: Development of a Performance-Based Approach, Coal Ash Management and Regulations, Ergonomics in Waste Collection, Leachate 201, Waste Conversion 101, Composting 101 and Anaerobic Digestion Applications for Municipal Solid Waste, Parts 1 and 2.


Continuing Education Credit:

A certificate of attendance will be provided to each registered participant who attends the webinar in full. Those seeking to use the certificate to claim continuing education credit are responsible for ensuring this form of verification is accepted by the respective licensing or certification entities.

Regional Summits

Suitable for executives, managers, technical personnel, regulators and consultants, EREF’s Regional Summits present key solid waste research findings and highlight impacts on practice as well as provide updates on legislative activities/policy as they relate to needed research.