Currently Funded Projects

Detection of Nuisance Odors Using Odor Binding Protein Sensor
Investigator: Florida Atlantic University
Start Date: December 2017
Award Amount: $150,000

Renewable Energy from Waste: A Study of Landfill Gas Purification by Hybrid Porous Materials
Investigator: California State University, Long Beach
Start Date: October 2017
Award Amount: $125,000

Effects of Aggressive Leachates on Modified Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs)
Investigator: Florida State University
Start Date: October 2017
Award Amount: $152,105

Liner Systems for Aggressive Coal Combustion Product Leachates
Investigator: George Mason University
Start Date: October 2017
Award Amount: $150,000

Effect of Food Waste Diversion on Leachate Quality
Investigator: North Carolina State University
Start Date: March 2017
Award Amount: $75,000

Comparative Microbiology of Typical and Elevated Temperature Landfills
Investigator: University of Illinois, Chicago
Start Date: March 2017
Award Amount: $120,000

Developing Strategies to Recover and Treat Nutrients in the Landfill Leachate
Investigators: University of Utah & University of Central Florida
Start Date: October 2016
Award Amount: $141,704

Assessing Accuracy of Tracer Dilution Measurements of Methane Emissions from Landfills with Wind Modeling - Extension
Investigators: University of Delaware & University of California, Berkley
Start Date: October 2016
Award Amount: $93,069

Mineralogy Optimization for Metal and Chloride Immobilization in Co-Disposed Flue Gas Desulfurization Brines and Bituminous Coal Fly Ash
Investigator: Georgia Institute of Technology
Start Date: November 2016
Award Amount: $195,917

Making up for Lost Time (and Space): Quantifying Non-hazardous Industrial Waste Output and Beneficial Use Opportunities in the US
Investigators: Yale University
Start Date: May 2016
Award Amount: $150,000

Development and Assessment of Cost-Effective Sustainable Integrated Organics Management Strategies
Investigators: North Carolina State University
Start Date: March 2016
Award Amount: $127,525

Design of Waste Transfer Station Concrete Overlays against Premature Deterioration
Investigators: North Carolina State University
Start Date: September 2015
Award Amount: $160,000

Geopolymer-Based Solutions for Coal Combustion Product Solidification and Stabilization
Investigators: University of Texas at Austin & University of California, Los Angeles
Start Date: September 2015
Award Amount: $285,000

Methane Oxidation: Field-Scale Test Sections Experiment
Investigators: Florida State University
Start Date: August 2015
Award Amount: $70,000

An Integrated Leachate Treatment System for Removing Contaminants and Recovering Resources
Investigators: Virginia Tech
Start Date: April 2015
Award Amount: $160,000

Implications of Solid and Liquid Waste Co-Disposal on Organic Stability and Biochemical Compatibility
Investigators: Colorado State University
Start Date: April 2015
Award Amount: $185,000

Accelerating and Stabilizing Anaerobic Digestion by Promoting Direct Interspecies Electron Transfer
Investigators: University of Massachusetts
Start Date: February 2015
Award Amount: $125,000

Understanding and Predicting Temperatures in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
Investigators: University of Virginia, North Carolina State University, City College of New York, Geosyntec Consultants,
Start Date: December 2014
Award Amount: $1,060,591

Simultaneous Concentration and Treatment of Landfill Leachate by Hybrid Osmotically Driven Membrane Processes
Investigators: Humboldt State University
Start Date: October 2014
Award Amount: $120,040

Approaches to Mitigation of Landfill Leachate-Induced UV Transmittance Impacts
Investigators: Montclair State University
Start Date: September 2014
Award Amount: $175,652

Expert Review of Wisconsin's Landfill Organic Stability Rule
Investigators: Colorado State University
Start Date: September 2014
Award Amount: $32,000

Water Repellency for Ash Containment and Reuse
Investigators: University of North Carolina Charlotte
Start Date: July 2014
Award Amount: $291,125

Resource Recovery from Diverted Food Wastes via Hydrothermal Carbonization
Investigators: University of South Carolina
Start Date: May 2014
Award Amount: $123,000

Advancing Multi-Stage Anaerobic Digestion Technologies through Improved Hydrolysis Processes
Investigators: Colorado State University
Start Date: September 2013
Award Amount: $118,272

Immobilization of Heavy Metals by Solidification/Stabilization in Challenging Coal Fly Ash and in Co-Disposed Coal Fly Ashand Concentrated rines
Investigators: Georgia Tech Research Corporation
Start Date: March 2013
Award Amount: $160,000